Power Supply Concepts Inc. has designed a wide range of Military PSUs for Weapons Applications. Power Supply Concepts Inc. provide portable custom Power Supply solutions for a range of field-based applications, where weight, size and reliability are key considerations.

Key Features:

  • Mobile missile launch control power supply
  • Multiple outputs and distribution
  • Available “Thinwall” lightweight heatsink construction
  • Temperature range from -55C to 105C operating

High power density in the design, combined with lightweight, robust construction, and careful component selection is the key to optimized performance and reliability. Contact us now for more details.


Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Supply

Model: ADV1

Key Features: (Contact us for complete specs/available variations)
  • Rear Radar Supply situated in the aircraft un-airconditioned bay.
  • 115 V a.c. 3 phase 400hz, P.F. corrected input.
  • 6 D.C. outputs plus distribution of the A.C. to other areas.
  • High efficiency combined with P.F. and T.H.D. to Mil stds.
  • 5g vibration to 2000hz.
  • Operation to 70,000 Ft.
  • Operating temperature -55C to 1O5C.

Surface Warship E.W. Supply

Model: F1

Key Features: (Contact us for complete specs/available variations)
  • Designed for surface warfare extreme conditions.
  • 115v 3 ph. A.C. 60 hz input.
  • Display visibility angle 120 degrees.
  • 100g shock tested.
  • 9 outputs with in-limit indicators.
  • Modular construction for minimum replacement time.
  • Operating temperatures from -40C to 70C.

Nuclear Hardened Tank Supply

Model: LWPSU

Key Features: (Contact us for complete specs/available variations)
  • Designed especially for tank plasma display.
  • D.C. 18v-36v operating with tank starting surges 14v to 100v.
  • Nuclear hardened.
  • 1000g shock tested.
  • All relevant components in machined casting.
  • Waterproof enclosure.
  • Operating temperatures from -55C to 100C.