3KW TWT Power Supply

Model: PSC 293

Key Features: (Contact us for complete specs/available variations)
  • 3000 Watt tota l output.7.9” *4.2”*4.6” 17W PER CU.lN.
  • 180-264 VAC 44-66 Hz input
  • Power factor corrected.
  • Main output 385VDC 6.2A (2400W)
  • 5 additional ou tputs that can be varied to meet your need
  • 48V 300W, 26V 26W, +15V 116W, -15V 4.5W, +5V 16W,
  • Operating temperature -40C to 70C Ambient.
  • Complete logic interface and Sync signa ls.