About PSC:

For 44 years Power Supply Concepts has designed and manufactured specialty power supplies, where no catalog product will suffice, and we have done this for every branch of the electronic industry. As a result of our ability and efficiency, we believe we make the highest reliability power supplies available anywhere for 24/7/365 applications at completely affordable prices.

U.S. Designed and Manufactured, Hi-Reliability Power Supplies

“M.T.B.F. greater than 1.5 million hours: indoor-outdoor: from the North Pole to the Sahara: Standard, derivatives, and custom: Minimal NRE charges: 100% American: Industrial products by military designers with over 40 years experience: 10 year warranty”


Since 1970, we have been innovators in all fields of power supplies. Starting in the early years with 100% military contracts, for missile systems, surface warships, submarines, tanks and other critical applications. We have become leaders in the design of nuclear hardened and “tempest” proof power supplies. We use these developed techniques to design and manufacture industrial strength power supplies, that simply last the longest. We have over 500 designs that are easily modified, if necessary, to suit your particular requirements, at very competitive prices.

We are certain there is no application we have not already dealt with.
  • High Reliability (35 year MTBF)
  • High Efficiency
  • High Power Density (UP TO 32W/CU.IN.)
  • Innovative Technology
  • Commercial and Military Applications
  • Cost-Effective Design
  • Low NRE Cost
  • Unique Solutions
  • Flexible Mechanical Configuration
  • Custom Connectors
  • Universal 90 to 265 ACV Input
  • Power Factor Correction
  • AC/DC systems
  • DC/DC Systems
  • Multiple Outputs
  • Ultra Low Noise Outputs (<100uV) available.
  • 20 Watt to 3K Watt Systems
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Power Circuit Design
  • Thermal Management Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Prototypes
  • 100’s to 1000’s Production Volume
  • 100% Manufactured in USA

Special Requirements That Demand A Start To Finish Custom Approach Are Our Specialty

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We particularly specialize in several unique power supply situations. For example, we have exclusively supplied Miteq SATCOM system supplies, as well as GEOSYNC since 1988. In the TELECOM field we supply specialized products for digital radios and out-side broadcast units. Our industrial designs include highly-reliable units for outdoor traffic controllers, communication systems for AMTRAK trains and nuclear power stations. While the military relies on our power supplies in fighter planes, tanks, submarines, surface warships, and more.


Satcom Power Supplies

These power supplies can be easily modified to your exact SATCOM requirements. (typically prototypes in 6-8 weeks and low NRE charges) PSC also has other power supplies designed for SATCOM applications, mobile communications 3KW high power, traffic control etc, that can be adapted to your requirements. Special requirements that demand a start to finish custom approach is PSC’s specialty. These switching power supplies have been specifically designed for SATCOM related applications. Ultra low noise outputs make these power supplies ideal for SATCOM related requirements.

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Model: SC 1045

100 Watt Outdoor System Satcom Supply


Telecom Power Supplies

Power Supply Concepts Inc. has designed and manufactured telecom supplies ranging from digital radio supplies for Microwave Radio Corporation, 3KW TWT supplies for worldwide telecommunication systems, conductor-driver communication supplies for AMTRAK powered by the third rail.

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Model: T261

Mobile Digital Radio Supply


Industrial Power Supplies

Power Supply Concepts Inc. has designed and manufactured power supplies ranging from nuclear power plant rod-changing lamp supplies for Bristol Babcock (25Kv to start and 24v to run) to aircraft mobile software loading supplies for Frontier Engineering, ship propeller shaft wear detection systems, carpet manufacturing weaving automation system supplies and so on.

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Model: 1237

Power Station Monitor Supply


Military Power Supplies

Power Supply Concepts Inc. has designed a wide range of Military PSUs for Weapons Applications. Power Supply Concepts Inc. provide portable custom Power Supply solutions for a range of field-based applications, where weight, size and reliability are key considerations.

High power density in the design, combined with lightweight, robust construction, and careful component selection is the key to optimized performance and reliability.

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Model: ADV1

Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Supply



Here are displayed some of the over 500 basic designs we have produced. Every supply is custom designed specifically for each application, yet we can adapt current designs to fit your need and budget. Each supply exceeds the demands of the job.